Side-chick Flogged Mercilessly For Sleeping With Another Woman’s Husband (Video)

A Nigerian woman has been beaten mercilessly after she was caught cheating with another woman’s husband.

A video has captured the sad moment a side-chick was flogged mercilessly for allegedly sleeping with another woman’s husband.
In the video trending on social media, the angry woman (said to be a representative of the cheated woman) physically assaulted the side-chick, beating and flogging her repeatedly for not just cheating with another woman’s husband, but also wearing expensive wrapper belonging to the cheating man’s wife.
The angry woman with came repeatedly asked the side-chick in Igbo language to remove the wrapper as people pleaded.
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When the side-chick refused while pleading for mercy, the woman began lashing her with belt. Neigbhours intervened to save the side-chick.
The said husband of the cheated woman was no where to be found around the vicinity, as at the time of the incident, as some claimed he ran away.
Watch the video:
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