How We Discovered The Love Charm – Offshore Workers

We brought you reports about how some Nigerian Sailors who were minding their business, stumbled on a charm which was used to ‘Tie down’ a Nigerian man and his mother.

One of the Nigerian Sailors, name withheld, who found the charm has spoken to YabaLeftOnline as to how they discovered the ‘Love Charm’.

According to him, he and his crew are not seeking for any form of compensation whatsoever from Mr. Ramon Abiodun and his mother.

Apparently, the thread of the charm was hooked on to their boat when they discovered it.

The location were this incident happened is African Circle Jetty Tincan, Apapa Lagos.

His words were:

“I and my crew are not seeking for compensation from mr Ramon abiodun and his mother. God can use anyone to work. All we need is prayers from good Nigerians. We have seen scary things.”

“We minded our business when we saw it but the said charm kept following us and we later discovered that a tread hooked it to our boat. Mr biodun hope you’re alright now. Nigerians pls pray for us”

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