“You Look Like A Bag Of Beans” – Singer Teni’s Mom Expresses Concern Over Her Weight (Video)

singer tenis mom

Fargin singer, Teniola Apata, aka Teni Entertainer, has taken to her social media page to shared a hilarious video of her mother expressing concern over her weight.

In the video, her mother can be heard praising herself and saying she’s the only one who can tell her daughter the truth.

The best person in your life that will always tell you the truth so much is me.

She also said that the young entertainer looks like a bag of beans whenever she’s performing on stage despite her efforts to make her lose weight by buying fridge and microwave in the house.

Teni can be heard laughing in the background while the mother concluded saying, even prayers cannot remove her fat. Lol.

Watch the video below:

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