Guy Says He Was Left “Astonished And Embarrassed” After Lady Paid For His Meal While On A Date

A guy was shocked after a lady he was on a date with paid for his meal and he took to Twitter to give details about it.

The Twitter user said his cousin had a date with the lady and he tagged along. When the lady suggested that they go to KFC, he said he whispered to his cousin asking him if he had his ATM because they were bound to spend money. But to his surprise, after the date, the lady insisted on paying and brought out her card.

He wrote; “So I wz with a friend/cousin …ffw he wz going to meet a female friend. He asked her over buh she declined that he come instead, prolly becuz of d distance. He wanted me to ff him so I rode with him to her area.

“Getting there we met the babe outside and they exchanged pleasantries and all. Few minutes after, she suggested we go to the KFC nearby for lunch. I whispered to my friend ” guy shey yu hol yur ATM sha

“..we got there, ordered, had fun, gave our belle yummy treat and all..
when my friend wanted to pay , she declined politely 😯 … they dragged and dragged but she brought out her ATM and paid the bills.

“I was filled with astonishment nd embarrassed at the same time lol ….
She apologized to my friend and said we were her visitors and it’s only proper for her to be responsible for it

“Bruh now that’s Class!!”

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