Nicki Minaj Pledges $25,000 Donation To Former Cosby Star Geoffrey Owens Who Was Shamed For Working In A Store

Things have miraculously turned around for Former Cosby star Geoffrey Owens who was spotted bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s in New Jersey and he was shamed online for it.

Geoffrey, who earns around $11 per hour was attending to a customer who then took his photo and shared online.

Ever since then he has been receiving support from alot of people in the Industry with movie director Tyler Perry already offered him a spot in his next movie, ‘The Haves And Have Nots’.

Now, Nick Minaj has decided to donate $25K to the former Cosby star to assist him.

The 35-year-old rapper made her donation on her Queen Radio. Revealing that her “C**ksucker of the day” award is going to Karma Lawrence and her wife for trying to humiliate the actor by posting the photo. Nicki then praised Owens. “This man is a whole fucking legend,”  before adding. ” I personally want to donate $25,000 to him today. “

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