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Men Checkout 6 P*nis Problems You Should Never Ignore

When was the last time you had a close look at your p*nis?

Our bodies have a way to communicate to us whenever something goes wrong. The penis is just one organ that you should observe more keenly to detect any changes.

If you haven’t been paying much attention, below are warning signs you should try reading from your p*nis:

1. Bumpy balls

Testicular cancer is common among men aged 20-35 and the signs can be hard to read. However, if you feel hard and painless lumps on your balls, don’t ignore them. Be sure to give your boys a close check at least once in a month to detect any abnormal changes. When diagnosed early enough, most cases are curable.



2. Itchy p*nis


This is a sign you should never ignore and it could result from various things. One, it can be due to a fungal infection such as thrush and it can also result from balanitis which is an inflammation at the tip of the p*nis. S*xually transmitted diseases such as herpes may also be the cause of an itchy p*nis.

3. Numb knob

If it no longer feels as sensitive as before, don’t just let it go. It could be that you are deficient of Vitamin B12 which helps the nerve fibres to carry signals from the penis to the brain. If that’s the cause, consume foods rich in vitamin B12 such as milk and beef and also consume leafy vegetables. Diabetes can also affect your penile sensitivity.

4. Erectile dysfunction

Having erection problems? You need to see a doctor soonest possible. For one to have an erection, there needs to be proper blood circulation in the body. As such, if you are having constant erectile dysfunction, it could be an early sign of heart disease or diabetes. Visit the doctor to rule out any possible diseases or infections.

5. Curved erection

 It’s normal for a penis to be slightly bent during an erection. However, if the curve is more severe and painful, it could lead to a broken p*nis. Seek medical attention earliest possible for medication.

6. Blood in urine

 Blood in the urine is a sign of bladder cancer, kidney stones or an enlarged prostate. Seek medical attention to know the real cause of the bloody urine and get treatment.

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