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Romantic Boyfriend Proposes To Girlfriend Of Five Years In The Middle Of A Bridge | She Bursts Into Tears (Video)

When it comes to spending the rest of ones’ lifetime with the love of their hearts, they often try to make the moment they pop the question an unforgettable one.

Gone are the days when proposing to ones’ lover used to be bland and social media has helped publicise the most unique and interesting marriage proposals.

These days many couples try to outdo themselves. Some men prefer to ask the life changing question in the full glare of viewers while others like it private.  The romantic groom was spotted bending the knee and asking his girlfriend to marry him in one of the most beautiful as well as scariest locations.

The duo was seen in the middle of a bridge when the groom to be, Nunurai asked his lady, Ruvimbo to be his wife. He said: “For five years, I’ve been waiting for this moment; I have been looking all over the world to find a place as beautiful as you are. This is the only place I know that is as beautiful as you are. Will you marry me?”

The lucky lady burst into tears out of excitement as she agreed to be his wife.

See the video below:

Congrats to the couple.

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