Heartbreaking Story Of Graduate Wrongfully Arrested And Imprisoned For Three Years

A Twitter user recently recounted his experience with an ex-convict who was recently released. According to the story, the unidentified man revealed he was wrongfully arrested and sent to Kirikiri prison for three years without a proper trial. Many people have reacted to the post, questioning the criminal justice system of the Nigerian government.

Dr. Duenduozi, left many people thinking twice about the state of affairs in Nigeria after he shared a recent experience he had with a man who had just been released from Kirikiri prison in Lagos.

Duenduozi recounted how a stranger walked up to him, asking for money to buy food. He stated that he initially thought the man was just another junkie roaming the streets but on further questioning, discovered he has just been released from prison for a crime he claims he didn’t commit.

He wrote: “A guy walked up to me few minutes ago on Bode Thomas, surulere to beg for money. He said he hasn’t eaten in two days and if I don’t want to give money, I should just buy him a plate of food from the road side vendor. I look at him and the first thing that came to my mind was..

Area boy, a junkie who needs money for food or weed. He spoke in english, not pidgin, fluent and impeccable. So I asked him why he was on the street begging..He told me he just got out of jail, I have heard such tales before of course so i decided to probe deeper..”

The ex-con who revealed he has a HND in Electrical Electronics from Auchi polytechnic, Edo state, revealed he was wrongfully arrested for robbery and thrown in prison without a proper trial despite maintaining his innocence.

“He told me his name – Dennis. He said he is a graduate of Electrical Electronics from Auchi polytechnic, HND Electrical Electronics..He said he worked in a house in Ikoyi few years ago and afterwards the house got burgled. The police arrested him and threw him in kirikiri. He was in Kirikiri for 3 years before he was released few months ago. We got talking and I asked him to explain how capacitors work, he broke it down, I asked him to state the colour codes for wires, he got it right. I asked him to describe his daily routine in prison..

He also stated that he saw no use going home as his family didn’t believe in his innocence.

“He gave me a summary of his daily routine. He went to court once and that was the end. From court to prison..He mentioned the text books he used in school, he said his family members are in Benin and never believed he didn’t participate in the robbery. He said he was disappointed in them and he doesn’t feel there is a need to go back home. He was in jail for 3 years and the world had moved on..I gave him money to buy and also promised to give him some clothes. Some of these stories are absolutely true while some are false..

The fact remains that we have a warped criminal justice system where mere accusations by the police lead to prison terms. Shoddy investigations, torture and admission of guilt by accused without fair trial. The SANs are always eager to defend the rich while the poor are left to..Rot away in jail. My sister used to visit Kirikiri to pay WAEC fees for inmates, stories from some inmates in Kirikiri will make the average person cry. I dont know if this guy was a criminal or not but we cannot afford to have a system that destroys humanity.

If Dennis was innocent of the crime levied against him, how many Dennis do we have in Kirikiri? It could be anybody..He told me he was in Kirikiri Medium with concrete details of the prison..Another reason to be sad tonite..Where are our lawyers? Help these people in Kirikiri..I know there are criminals amongst them but it is painful to see an innocent life destroyed by a failed justice system.

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