Woman Gives Birth To A Boy At Her Polling Unit In Rivers State (Video)

Giving birth to one’s baby is one of the most important life events which many look forward to with adequate preparation, at least nine months is a long notice people do say.

But some babies do come on dates they are not expected. Even in the hospital when doctors are giving you a delivery date, you will be informed it is either the baby comes two weeks before or after the date you are given. The exact date you might not know unless the birth will be by Cesarean Section when exact date will be given.

According to a video going round on the internet, a heavily pregnant woman allegedly fell in labour at her polling unit in Rumuchuolu, Port Harcourt, Rivers state, during the governorship and state of Assembly election of Saturday, March 9.

The unidentified woman could be seen from the video being taken into a compound away from her polling unit after giving birth with the assistance of other women and two nurses.

Watch Below ;

The Health state of mother and Child is yet to be ascertained though.

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