Slay Queen Caught Red-Handed On CCTV Stealing Two Human Hair Wigs (Video)

There are people who believe in looking good and wearing the best of the best. For some of these people, working hard to ensure they can afford these things is the only way they know how to maintain their lifestyle.

For others however, ensuring they own the latest gadgets or designer wears by hook or crook is the only way to remain trendy. One of such is a slay queen currently trending on social media.

In the video which was capture on a CCTV camera, the lady is seen stealing a wig from a hair store while pretending to be on the phone.

In the video, she is seen taking the mannequin to a corner of the store where she believes she cannot be seen. In that corner, she then quickly takes the wig off the mannequin, shoves the hair in her bag and kicks the mannequin under a shelf where it cannot be easily spotted. She does all this while pretending to be on a call.

See video below:


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