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Posted By : Kings Kalu
Meet Prakriti Malla, The Student With The Best Handwriting In The World (Photo)

A female student has been identified for her beautiful and well-structured handwriting in the entire universe. In a post that recently resurfaced on social media, social media users have celebrated Prakriti Malla, after a photo of her handwriting made its way to the online community.

A Twitter user identified as Ahmed shared a tweet in which he revealed that Malla, who is a class 8 student that hails from Nepal, was given recognition for having the best handwriting in the world.

“The handwriting of Prakriti malla, the class VIII student from Nepal, has been recognized as the best ever handwriting in world.” he said.

Prakriti Malla first gained national attention in her native Nepal in 2017 and was subsequently given an award by the Nepalese government and has in recent months gone viral worldwide on a range of social media platforms

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