Colombian Singer Maluma kisses Mum On The Lips On Mother’s Day And People Are Dragging Him For It

Popular Colombian singer, Maluma has been lambasted fire after he posted a photo of himself kissing his mum on Mother’s days.

Maluma is known for blowing up the charts with hit songs like “Borró Cassette,” “El Perdedor” on his own, and his epic collaborations with talented songstress, Shakira, late rapper XXXTentacion, and the queen of pop, Madonna.

Maluma kisses mum

Over the weekend, he became a trending topic after he shared a picture where he was kissing his mother, Marlli Arias.

In the picture Maluma, 25, whose real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias, can be seen holding his mom as he kisses her on the lips — and while some back him, others are saying he has gone too far.

One person said,

“Uhmmmmm I’m Hispanic. Puerto Rican to be exact. And uhmmm NO. This looks way out of pockets. Now if it was a quick peck then yes it is seen in the Hispanic culture. And sometimes the parents STOP doing that at a certain age with their kids. But this right here… Nahhhh to much…”

Maluma kisses mum

Another follower shared,

“Oh hell nah. No, it’s not a Latino thing. Families create their own way of showing their way of love, and that is his way with his mother. I’m Hispanic and never in a million years would my brother kiss my mom in the lips like that.
He’s a grown man kissing his mom the same way he would kiss his wife 🥴🥴.”

This fan stated,

“What’s the problem I’m lost? 🧐 That’s his moms you all don’t kiss you all moms on the lips and cheeks? 🤔And we kiss our kids on the lips when they’re young I think it just looks more intimate b/c they were trying to capture it & maybe it’s part of they’re the culture I don’t see anything wrong w/ it I see why people are thinking otherwise though. Maluma kisses everyone like that 🤣if y’ all been to his concerts y’ all would know.”

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