Policeman Captured Scratching Private Car With Sharp Metal

A Nigerian policeman has been captured on camera scratching a private car with a sharp object.

The incident, which happened in the Mushin area of Lagos was captured on video by the driver of the vehicle himself. In the video, the policeman and a LASTMA officer could be seen with the driver at what seemed to be a check-point.

It was not certain what led to the officer’s action, but he could be seen trying to cause damage to the body of the car.

See video below ;

His action was however condemned by social media users who saw the video. Some Nigerians even mentioned that they are always prepared for the officers by getting enough change to give out to them.

That’s why I always drive with 100 naira denominations, if I see a group of animals I just give them 100 to share.

A lady even wondered why the driver was shouting and not run the officer over:

And your busy shouting, cant you run them over… stop disturbing our ears biko

And then a user said officers of the Nigeria Police Force are obviously frustrated and will always want to vent their anger on Nigerians:

Men of the force are outrightly frustrated …so they r all out to look for who to pour there frustrations on….only in Nigeria.

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