Dead Woman ‘Pounds Yam’ During Her Burial (Photo)

What is the strangest thing you have come across during a wake-keeping, lying-in-state or even burial? If you say a man buried in his beloved car, you won’t also be lying.

A woman who was supposedly a food vendor when she was alive, was the topic of discussion during what was meant to be her lying-in-state ceremony somewhere in Ghana.

Instead of lying in an open casket while people walk around to take a final glimpse at the corpse while saying their goodbyes, mourners were treated to a ‘larger than life’ experience where the woman’s body was set up to look like she was cooking in her kitchen.

She was dressed in printed wax, propped up with her pots, mortar and pestle.

See the picture below:

A dead woman "pounding yam" spotted during her burial in Ghana (photos)

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