The Day My Husband Slapped Me For The First Time – Mercy Aigbe

On-screen character, representative and mum of two, Mercy Aigbe has related her harsh involvement with the hands of her previous spouse, Lanre Gentry.

The on-screen character made this known while as of late tending to her fans in her recently opened Youtube channel The on-screen character who in 2018, got isolated from Gentry on grounds of aggressive behavior at home, revealed hence:

The first time the slap came, it felt like I was dreaming. I wasn’t expecting it and I was shocked beyond words. I didn’t know it was going to happen but it happened. The begging would then come after that. Once a man raises his hand to hit you, he is going to do it over and again. However, because it was my second attempt (at marriage), I was ready to make it work, even with all the violence. I was there hoping and praying. I just wanted a happy home.

“The incident that broke the camel’s back was the one where I almost died. The beating was horrible. People often say actresses don’t want to remain married. Who told them that? (You think) being a celebrity doesn’t make me human? Does (being a celebrity) mean I don’t want to have a happy home? They say actresses are promiscuous but promiscuity is not (the exclusive preserve of) any profession. When mine (break-up) happened, it wasn’t easy because I am a celebrity. I read a lot of things online. Some people even said I made it up. But, nobody can dictate to me how to live my life.”

Urging ladies to make some noise when they are attacked by their spouses. Mercy who as of late discharged a film titled, ‘Unfortunate casualties’, which has abusive behavior at home as its subject, further stated, “I have experienced abusive behavior at home and I turned out solid. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to see the finish of aggressive behavior at home in the public arena. It was difficult for me since society consistently disgraces one. Everyone accepts on the off chance that one is encountering aggressive behavior at home, one must be understanding as a lady and take everything to stay in one’s better half’s home. Many individuals have lost their lives because of aggressive behavior at home. Also, religion isn’t making a difference. An attacked lady could go to her minister and the pastor would state, ‘Gracious madam, you have to continue imploring’. Is it until she loses her life?”

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